Besides product design, I find joy in reading, Peruvian cuisine and writing thoughts on envelopes (or anything I see on the table). Big fan of reading great words on good quality paper stock. I try to write now and then.

Read my thoughts on finding my place in a startup here, published in UX Collective.


I love to see people engaging with my work. Beyond the pixels and interactions, I love bringing people together around a collective vision. Although I'm not a researcher, I believe in speaking with the users as often as possible; conversations and testing always humbles me as a designer.

Introspection is a big thing to me. I love examining thorny issues in my way, especially when I get a tough interaction to crack or to look at fundamentally why are we working on this? •

My skills: Facilitation, Interaction Design, Project Management, User Research, Branding

Principles, processes, interactions. I believe that the quality of the software is built by great teams that resonate deeply with the vision behind the product. When there’s a strong narrative present, it plays the role of weighing trade-offs, beacon during ideation and inspire the ones working on telling it. I love learning about unique businesses.

Brands that I admire:, Monzo, Figma. Favourite read: Offscreen

Tweet from Brand Director of Red Badger

My experience has taught me so far that my first draft, idea, writing will always be the worst. The willingness to probe, change perspective, test and knock against it several times is when I truly add value to my work and give it the time and context to shine. I always strive to work with real data and keep a hands-on approach in shaping problems, building and learning from others around me.

Favourite part of the UX process: prototyping and feedback loops

Favourite talk: The danger of a single story by Chimamanda Adichie

Picture taken from attending Framer Loupe conference, 2019

At the core of what I do, intention plays a huge role. On top of the body of work I produce, I care deeply about the impact of my craft, the way I speak about design and how I build rapport with others. I don’t just think of design as a means to push more pixels. I find joy in echoing and leading an open culture of design, empower others to thrive and build good products together

Favourite digital product: Hey, Notion

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