Hi I'm Cellyn

Design, process person. I love being able to get on a whiteboard and synthesise thoughts, ideas, thinking. Lately been balancing design management and picking up Python.
Currently a product designer @INTELLLEX

I'm for impact beyond the pixels

Being a product designer has taught me to spend time thinking more about the influence, value of what I do - from sharpening product discovery, rethinking project delivery.

I'm happy to be part of many amazing projects
INTELLLEX, PagoFX, Standard Chartered Marathon, Fortnum & Masons AND MORE.


To be filled with more surprises later.
As part of the core team in INTELLLEX, crafting a great search experience is both ambitious and necessary—as legal associates conduct their research, the imperative focus is to facilitate their retrieval, discovery of important institutional knowledge. To help codify their understanding of how the underlying A.I. tech of the product, the data scientists, engineers and I worked together to craft out sharpened problem statements for our enterprise users and to integrate important analysis, retrieval tools for their everyday use.
Legal tech for knowledge
Alongside the volunteers and colleagues at Red Badger, I had the pleasure to participate in the end-to-end process of crafting the React Native mobile app of the Pride in London 2018 Festival. From branding and ideation to GOOB-ing (getting out of the building often to get direct user feedback). To build on the spirit of the festival, the open-source project aims to connect festival-goers with events happening all over London. With a purposeful message to celebrate the parade and Pride month with inclusion, accessibility remains at the forefront of the app – directly engaging with 20,000 app users.
A labour of love


A collection of my unsolicited (messy, unpolished, unprofessional humble beginnings) pieces.

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I’m always looking for new opportunities to create, collaborate and work on anything from half-baked ideas to big stuff.

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