Product Design Lead

I enjoy water cooler chats on music, ideation, creating and telling stories!

Currently designing wealth đź’° at Endowus.

Designed by me, circa 2020. If you're interested in my resume or like to chat with me about products, design, opportunities, email me.

Hi, I'm Cellyn.

Work, work


DBS Bank

I was at the bank briefly before joining Endowus, driving accessibility of financial literacy and improving discovery to retirement adaquecy. My last project involved working on the journey to improve Singaporeans' journey to discovering their financial reality in the digibank app.

Bringing light to discovering one's journey to Retire

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I went to work at Intelllex as the sole product designer. Intelllex is known for incorporating knowledge graphs into search and classification so that firms can utilise its institutionalised knowledge meaningfully. I was hired to run the research and design efforts to uncover and sharpen user needs, clarify product strategies, co-ordinate engineering efforts to create a search experience tailored for lawyers to accelerate legal research work.

Aggregating data sources and improving usability of search aids

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Shaping product development →

Internal process within our team – Dec 2019

Facilitating legislative checks →

Feature shipped, web-app – Apr 2020

Also co-developed:

Open-source PDF viewer for the browser



In 2018, I joined Red Badger as a product designer, an independent digital consultancy in London. I worked closely with product owners, engineers and delivery leads to bring our clients onboard with our great processes that include being laser focused on our clients’ needs, iterative, delivering good quality software and turning the traditional consulting model on its head. I was also involved in our internal Social Value Task Force set up to work on open-source and community-serving projects.

Crafting pride into a festival →

Shipped app for Pride in London – June 2018

Also worked with

Logo of pagoFXLogo of Fortnums & Masons



While studying a UX Immersive programme in London, it has given me space to work on a few projects that hone in on my understanding of user-centred design. Here are some of the case studies summarising my sketches, iterations and research:

Designing an effective learning experience for developers →

Live client brief with OutSystems – 2017

Social Foodie

Ideation project – 2017

Navigating the V&A museum →

Student project – 2017

Information architecture for a hardware store →

Student project – 2017



Before navigating the product design world, I was hired as a branding designer at a local brand consultancy, Tangible. We're responsible for creating brand narratives for a range of marketing communications and I've had the pleasure to work with strategists and other designers in digging deeper into different mediums and touchpoints. Projects I've worked on include lyf by Ascott, Imperial Harvest, and more:

Logo of GESS

German European International School, celebrating respect and openness

GESS was passionate about communicating its European roots in its new campus at Dairy Farm. While we had the opportunity to influence its interior design, marketing communications and verbal identity, we had the privilege of conducting a digital audit and focus groups with parents, students and the staff and listened closely to what makes GESS unique. We brought in the themes of 'open dialogue' and progressiveness into the look and feel of the communications internally and externally.

Illustration of different European landmarks

Collection of illustrations done for the interior wall inspiration

Screenshot of sitemap of proposed GESS website

Back-and-forth reviews with the stakeholders on website architecture

Logo of SG Enable

SG Enable, inspiring an inclusive Singapore

While conducting focus groups and contextual inquiry in Enabling Village in Singapore, the one-stop place for people with disabilities to access resources and employment opportunities, I was inspired by the social element in the environment. While developing a system for its communication, the vision was to inject positivity and creativity back into the space. These graphics were further implemented in some of their signage and wayfinding in the space.

Illustration of SG Enable's identity

Developing core elements of the design language

Example poster of SG Enable

Iterating with different layouts - ensuring versatility of the design system

Logo of Better, a car company in Brunei

Better, a car company in Brunei

Through the app, we were looking at how can convey the brand's proposition of 'being hassle-free', all-inclusive service packages so the customers to choose the plan that suited their mobility needs best. While working on this branding project, I was able to experiment with communicating in wireframes to the clients so they understand where we can leverage the brand messages clearer while facilitating the users to progress with their journey to book a car.

Wireframes of Better's app

User-flows to communicate the passage and steps in which user takes to select their rental plans

Better app sketches

Iterating on the onboarding screens - what communicates the brand better

Example wireframe of Better's app

Playing around with statuses to communicate the progress of the booking