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2-week sprint • At General Assembly

Creating a frictionless navigation experience within the V&A Museum


May 2017


UX Designer


A 2-week sprint with a team: Timi, Valeria, Rebecca & myself. We researched extensively on both markets & users and worked towards a high-fidelity prototype that can effectively solve the pain points & frustrations of the V&A visitors. We identified key opportunities and designed a hybrid app to make visiting the V&A an easy & engaging experience.

UX Techniques
Market Research (feature analysis, contextual inquiry), User research (guerilla testing, interviews, surveys), affinity mapping, empathy maps, user flows, task analysis, sketching and prototyping

Sharpies, whiteboard markers, lots of colourful post-its. Invision & Sketch.

Client Objective:
Make the experience of visiting V&A easy & engaging for the visitors

Research Phase

Some of the key findings from market research


Most have maps, if not downloadable PDFs that can be easily accessed from the website

What's On

Visitors can easily access “What’s On” on their websites.

Guided Tours

They all have some kind of guided tours available for visitors to book for their visits. 

User Insights

Contextual Inquiry

We decided to go do some guerilla interviews at V&A Museum. We prepared some questions to discover some of the major frustrations and motivations in their museum-going experiences.

With that in mind, we asked questions such as “What excites you to go to the museum?” “How do you usually find new exhibitions/museums to visit?”

We also found out that a lot of the museum-goers in V&A find it extremely hard to navigate and found it frustrating to even locate things such as bathrooms and exits.

"It's a bit of a nightmare."
"How do I go out?"

Social Activity

Going to the museum is a social activity (enjoying time with friends & family)

Role of website

They go to the museum’s website to mainly look for location and opening hours

Getting Inspired

Some main reasons for people to visit a museum is to be inspired, and to learn about something new.

Crafting our Primary Persona – Vanessa

Affinity Map

Sprint questions we focused on:

How can we better guide our users navigating the museum?

How can we better engage visitors in the museum?

Task Analysis

Pooling all our user insights & research, we gathered enough input to map out a current experience on a based scenario. From our first iteration, we expanded on the ‘navigation part’ of the journey — as our research and interviews pointed out the frustrations in getting their way around the museum.

Design Studio

Some key ideas that our idea generation highlighted

Idea Generation

From these, we gathered 4 areas that we will work on:
1. Getting from place to place (Navigation)
2. Finding amenities e.g. toilet (Navigation)
3. See if anything’s missed (Content) 
4. Getting everybody together (Social Engagement)

Usability Testing

Iterate, sketch, repeat!


You can visit the Invision Prototype that I put together for V&A App here.