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Telin Singapore • Worked at Tangible

Telin Singapore helps to adapt to changing needs to provide the highest level of data centre solutions to regional businesses




Website UI Designer


With Tangible, we looked into the branding & visual system of Telin Singapore, the subsidiary of PT Telkom Group. I participated mainly in the conceptualising of the visual system and delivery of the website UI design for the new vision.

Enhanced by proprietary-owned, seamless submarine cables, our flexible, modular and scalable data centre facilities in Singapore connect our customers from Indonesia and Singapore to the rest of the world. Tangible was tasked to look at its brand, visuals as well as the website.

Brand Values




Brand Personality

Social, Active & Confident

Responsive Design

We looked at how we can best communicate the agile personality through its visuals. Data inspired us in bold, graphic ways to be represented by different structures of arrows. Leveraging on the bold, red colour scheme, it also helped to frame a solid, proud and confident brand image for Telin Singapore.

Telin 3

Celebrating the launch of Telin's latest state-of-the-art data centre


Throughout all the brand communications developed for Telin Singapore, we bore in mind that Telin 3 was the hero to be celebrated alongside with the brand. We later also ideated video & advertising concept for the brand to communicate the new Telin 3.


While working on this project, I was able to synthesize the seemingly complex data center information into a simple and straightforward website and used responsive design to inform the developers on the implementation.

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