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1-week sprint • At General Assembly

SuperPin is created to remind users on high-priority tasks as it creates a lock-screen reminder.


April 2017


UX Designer


The objective of the very first project was to create an interactive prototype of a mobile application. In this 1 week sprint, I had a partner to work with (in my case, it’s Haseeb). I identified a need and aimed towards solving that with an app in a simple and effective manner.

Haseeb’s Problem
Haseeb procrastinates when it comes to completing important tasks — messing up plans and losing time.

My Solution
I designed an app that can help to remind him on the important tasks to work on so he can better manage his time.

Concept Mapping

As part of my user research, we had a concept mapping exercise to visualise the material I gathered from interviewing Haseeb. From the interview, he mentioned bad experiences of him procrastinating that caused him to miss deadlines and mess up scheduled plans.

Haseeb is looking for something that can help him value time and prioritise goals that were important to work on.

Research Phase

Some of the key findings from market research

Doing things

“Getting up and doing things” made him feel disciplined and good

Utilising his time

When procrastination kicked in, he felt that he didn’t utilise his time properly

Storyboarding was so fun as I get to visualise my user in a way that keeps me focused on the end-goal!

User Flows

“Can you help me value time?”

“Certain goals are just more important.”

Participatory Design

User flows were a great way to understand the steps that Haseeb will go through to attain the goal. I tested with him on some initial sketches and flows and observed as he went through them. He stumbled and pondered at certain points and mentioned a few things.

Testing & Iterations


After all that jazz, I had a version that I was happy to test with! I created a paper prototype and scanned it onto the Marvel app and shared it with Haseeb and other users. The feedback was super helpful in helping me understand different angles and ways of using the app. Some suggestions included incentivising the user when a task is completed and estimating the time needed to work on milestones within a task.

SuperPin computes data and time from the details entered by the user, and creates a real-time changing wallpaper with a countdown clock counting down to the closest upcoming task. It allows the user to visit the task anytime whenever he uses his smartphone.

Visit the SuperPin paper prototype here!