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1-week sprint • At General Assembly

Social Foodie is an app designed to plan meals together.


January 2017


Product Designer


Before embarking on the UXDI course in General Assembly, I was tasked to work on a 1-week sprint challenge to show why I can be a good fit! I worked on creating a product that improves the grocery experience & try the Google Venture’s 5-day sprint process as well.

When it comes to grocery shopping, the possibilities are endless. Grocers are coming up with so many different channels and mediums to interact with their consumers. The use of online and mobile coupons as well as mobile shopping lists are cited to be the most common in-store digital engagement in use today. It’s too common a feeling where large stores try to get us to be aware of everything in the store except what we came to the store for… to just get some shopping done.


The final design focused on the social aspect of putting together meals with conversations. Food is best enjoyed with company and relationships are built over food. The dinner table can act as a unifier, a place of community.

Sharing a meal can be a powerful tool, where people connect

Research Phase

Some of the key findings from market research

Tech-savvy, time-crunched

Increasingly, retailers are introducing e-commerce models for today’s customers. 

Openness to digital tools

Online shopping is a deeply ingrained behaviour, more than half of the customers will consider adopting digital engagement tools (such as auto-subscription)

Potential in APAC

Due to booming smartphone ownership, there is huge potential for digital retailing options.

61% believe that going to the grocery store is an enjoyable and engaging experience.
It is difficult to match the power of human interaction and the thrill of unplanned discovery physical stores can provide.

User Insights

'How Might We'

Using ‘How Might We’ exercise, there’s a mix of interesting notes to help me pinpoint and focus the area of the sprint.

Using an open-ended, optimistic phrasing of ‘How Might We’, it was easier to find opportunities rather than jumping onto solutions.

It was also useful to find out pain points and common challenges such as people not finding the specific item, impulse shopping and also buying too many groceries that is unrealistic.

The Focus

Idea Generation

With Crazy 8s, I quickly drew landing screens of the app, variating with different options and ideas that helped generate lots of creative ideas in my head.Ultimately, 2 concepts popped into my head: Make It Work & Social Meal Builder.


You can visit the Invision Prototype that I put together for Social Foodie here.