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I’m always looking for new opportunities to create, collaborate and work on anything from half-baked ideas to big stuff.

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Final Year Project • At Temasek Polytechnic

Crazy Cheap Ideas was an initiative conceived to reimagine my hometown through a language of colour.


December 2015 – February 2016




I participated in the D&AD New Blood Briefs from PANTONE, to reimagine my hometown through colour. I was inspired by colours who are so easily replicated by photocopies, such as as the dusty pink, post-it yellow, blues and greens.

It’s an age-old question. What’s your favourite colour? It’s a kind of magic how colour is everywhere around us. The same colour can mean a myriad of different things. Sports team you follow, political party, colour on your flag or just your favourite mug. Oh, the colours.

Forming a colourful counterpoint towards this ‘smart nation’, I created something from what is usually thrown away and ignored– ideas. “Crazy Cheap Ideas”, a site that lets you use the medium of tweeting and texting to imagine and spark adventurous ideas on the city’s public space– with a pinch of stupidity. This launchpad is lending virtual platforms for half-baked ideas for city dwellers to wind down, wander and reimagine a city they live in and love.

Imagine if the football field was a conveyor belt that refreshes its grass?

What Crazy Cheap Ideas is about

This project is an exploration into how colour can pushes for people to envision their ideal public space or better put, their ideas on public space. At this shared thread of #cheap ideas, our mobile phones act as the platform to shout, inquire and capture our thoughts momentarily in a stream of narratives, conversations, observations and thoughts. 

Over 2 months, in and around Singapore’s busiest business districts, the words arrived to 50 questions on public space; and they departed, resulting in this interest on our very own public design interventions.

The 4 Modalities of Taking A Break

Installations for bus shelters as a collection point for ideas






Celebrating half-baked ideas

The website was a launchpad for the public to submit their half-baked ideas. So are all the public spaces such as bus stop modalities (creative pauses) to tweet any #crazy cheap idea

Crazy Cheap Ideas Exhibition