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I’m always looking for new opportunities to create, collaborate and work on anything from half-baked ideas to big stuff.

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At Tangible Singapore

Better is a car rental business that’s turning the sector on its head by offering drivers all-inclusive packages for one fixed monthly price. 




Brand / App UI Designer


While working at Tangible, I was part of the design team in charge of building a straight-forward, no-nonsense branding approach for Better. Part of the brand communications we focused on the app visuals to best communicate the value-for-money deal for aspiring car owners.

It emerged from our research that a no-nonsense approach was the most effective. So Tangible developed a visual and verbal language that literally highlighted relevant information; cars, price & inclusive package became the heroes. The scope of our work also covered the Better App, website and launch campaign and communications ideation.

Brand Values



Better Value

All-Inclusive Rental Plans

Designing icons for the app

Brand Visuals

With the varying number of services Better offered, we looked how we can translate the highlighted look and feel to the secondary visual system such as icons.


Iterations of On-boarding Process

We looked at how we can simplify the on boarding experience for users within the process. Even though, the illustration was communicating the steps of the Better experience, we iterated into something simpler & straightforward to communicate the vision.


UI Guide

I also worked on the UI Style Guide and worked with third-party developers NCS Singapore for them to implement the screen designs for them.

The Better App includes short-term & long-term plans for audiences who needs unlimited mileage & the choice of freedom of changing your car yearly.